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    This is a short introduction to R programming language for linguists who want to grasp an idea of how R works

  65. Themistocleous, Charalambos. (2016). Introduction to Python. Unpublished manuscript. Gothenburg.

    This is a short introduction to Python programming language for linguists who want to grasp an idea of how Python works.

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  74. Software and Applications

  75. Text to Phones: An environment for phonological analysis and text to phone conversion for Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek):
  76. Modern Greek Tagger: The tagger labels Modern Greek corpora with Part of Speech labels g Ancient Greek Tagger: The tagger for tagging (adding POS labels) on Ancient Greek g English Tagger: This tagger includes a morphological dictionary and a disambiguation algorithm for discriminating nouns and verbs.
  77. Online Dictionaries: These include Graphical User Interphases (GUIs) for creating and viewing electronic dictionary, reverse algorithms for creating reverse dictionaries. A dictionary environment currently it includes a dictionary I created with Ancient Greek irregular verbs.
  78. Keyboard Layouts: Dialectal Greek Keyboard Layout; Dialectal Greek Polytonic Keyboard Layout; International Phonetic Alphabet Keyboard Layout.
  79. Web Design: (Depreciated). The ‘Syndychies’ Website, this is a Dictionary Website that includes IPA transcription for Cypriot Greek (an application of IPA converter algorithm) and text to speech feature (the latest version will be online at the 15th of November) Several web-working activities in academia: (e.g. MeadEastern, Webmaster for Cyprus Linguistics Society (Cyling)).
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