Computer Generated Art

These pictures are not photos or paintings; they were created using a machine learning model from StabilityAI with natural language prompts I provided. These open a discussion and a set of problems, artistic, ethical, etc. For example, are this authentic art? My short answer is that this is an art by a non-human creator. Do they communicate emotions? To their non-human creator, they do not, but to the human viewer, they do. Is the computer a creator? The creator is certainly a term that anthropomorphizes the computer model. This question is more difficult to answer. Finally, there can be ethical implications concerning what can be potentially generated by these machine learning models. In any case, enjoy!

Photo 1 from Ai Photo 2 from Ai Photo 3 from Ai Photo 4 from Ai Photo 5 from Ai Photo 6 from Ai Photo 7 from Ai Photo 8 from Ai Photo 9 from Ai Photo 10 from Ai Photo 11 from Ai

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