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Charalambos (Haris) K. Themistocleous

Associate Professor of Speech, Language, and Communication
Department of Special Needs Education
University of Oslo

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Linguist dedicated to understanding speech, language, and communication and their relationship to the brain in both typical and atypical speakers using computational tools.

Develops personalized, high-quality multimodal models and applications for speech and language assessment, (differential) diagnosis, prognosis, and evaluation.

Employs Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Signal Processing, and Statistical Modeling.

Promotes team work and collaboration with the major actors in healtcare, and participating hospitals and universities in the USA and Europe.

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Dr. Themistocleous's research aims to determine the relationship between the brain and language and to provide automated and personalized assessment, diagnosis, and prognosis of patients with spech and language impairment.

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"From the early beginning of my career, I have acknowledged that education influences students’ lives and development. For this reason, I approach teaching with passion, vigor, and a sense of responsibility. An integral part of an educator is the ability to provide the next generation of scholars with the fundamental skillset to help them tackle the continuous challenges and pave their way to a successful career and life."


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