The Phonetics (IPAGreek) is a computational implementation (in a windows text editor) of Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek “phonological grammar”. The application enables users to transcribe text written in Greek orthography into the International Phonetics Alphabet (IPA).

  • to type text in Standard Modern Greek orthography and convert it to IPA.
  • to type text in Cypriot Greek orthography and convert it to IPA.
  • to create lists of words in reverse order for dictionaries.
  • to analyze text using the implemented regular expressions engine.

The application can help phoneticians, sociolinguistics, lexicographers etc. to automatically transcribe their data. The application is now open sourced and you may download from GitHub. See details below:



You may cite the software as follows:

Themistocleous Charalambos (2017). IPAGreek: Computational Greek Phonology [Computer program]. Version 3.0, retrieved 21 August 2017 from http://charalambosthemistocleous.com

Themistocleous, Charalambos (2011). Computational Greek Phonology: IPAGreek. The 10th International Conference of Greek Linguistics. Komotini, Greece.