Writing and speech

Cypriot Greek is a language variety that has no official writing system. To address this issue, we provided a linguistically informed proposal for the codification of Cypriot Greek (graphemes and writing rules), which was incorporated for the first time in a dictionary of Cypriot Greek (see for more information Themistocleous, Katsoyannou, Armosti, \& Christodoulou, 2012a, 2012b, Armosti, Christodoulou, Katsoyannou, \& Themistocleous, 2014). The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a system for representing the sounds of world languages produced by typical and atypical speakers. In Themistocleous (2011), I provide a computational phonological grammar and computer application that allows the conversion of a text written in Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek into IPA. The software application is titled IPAGreek and contains both the lexical and postlexical phonological rules of Greek. The phonological grammar includes both lexical and postlexical rules (e.g., assimilation, dissimilation, palatalization). The application has been employed for the transcription of the pronunciation in the Cypriot Greek dictionary mentioned above. I indent to open source this application and make it available in my GitHub repository.