• authors = E. Anastasi, A. Logotheti, S. Panayiotou, M. Serafim, Marilena, and C. Themistocleous
  • date = 2017-01-01
  • publication = Paper to presented at the 12th International Conference on Greek Linguistics (ICGL12), 16 – 19 September 2015. Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.
  • title = A sociophonetic study of Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek Stop Consonants.


This is a study of the acoustic properties of the voiceless stop consonants [p], [t], [k] in Standard Modern Greek (SMG). The main hypothesis of this study is that stress and stop consonant position in the syllable, are two factors which influence their overall duration including the closure and VOT duration. Previous studies in the literature have not studied the effect of stress in relation to the stop’s position in a word, as yet another factor influencing their duration. The data collected from Greek speakers reveal that the two investigated factors have a significant effect on the duration of the stop consonants. The stressed consonants in an initial word position had the most lengthening effect in duration. Overall, the study concluded that the velar [k] has the longest VOT and [p] the shortest, while the opposite findings apply in the closure duration with [p] having the longest and [k] the shortest closure duration, while [t] shows intermediate patterns of duration in both cases.