• authors = Ch. Themistocleous
  • date = “2012”
  • publication = “ In Z. Gavriilidou, Efthymiou, E. Thomadaki & P. Kambakis-Vougiouklis (eds), 2012, Selected - papers of the 10th ICGL, pp. 796 – 805. Komotini/Greece: Democritus University of Thrace.”
  • title = “Ta pirinika tonika ipsi tis kypriakis ellinikis (Cypriot Greek Nuclear Pitch Accents).”
  • url = http://www.icgl.gr/files/greek/75-796-805.pdf

This study examines the Cypriot Greek nuclear pitch accents. Specifically, it examines the tonal representation of narrow information focus, broad focus, contrastive focus, and contrastive topic. For this purpose, an experiment has been designed in which four distinct contexts have been devised in order to elicit utterances with different information structure categories. The experiment examined whether the information structure categories are associated with categorically distinct nuclear pitch accents. The results showed no effect of the information structure categories on the realization of the nuclear pitch accents. However, secondary cues from segmental duration distinguish narrow foci from broad focus. These results, which underline a division of labor between phonological structure and meaning interpretation, are difficult to accommodate in models that directly associate meaning to tonal categories.